Zeus All-In-One 3D Printer Review: High Resolution, Easy To Use

Finally, a 3D printer which allows you to print straight out of the box. If you’ve been interested in 3D printers for a while but have been concerned about your lack of technical skills or the difficulty of assembling 3D printer kits, then the Zeus All-in-one 3D printer may just be the printer for you.

It comes fully assembled and can be set up and ready to print in under 10 minutes. What makes this 3D printer stand out from others is the fact that it contains it’s own computer processor and has the ability to scan any objects that you may want to copy. It will then create and slice the print file and produce an exact replica of extremely good quality and detail.

The Zeus 3D printer was designed by AIO Robotics in California in 2013 and their aim was to produce a 3D printer which was extremely easy to use for the general consumer, rather than just 3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyists.

It is now widely used in schools and universities and also by businesses who need to create their own prototypes or make copies of obsolete parts that need replacing.

So let’s take a look at the unique features of this excellent 3D printer.


Print material
Auto CalibrationMaximum print size(inches)Heating bedlayer thickness Customer supportAssembly timeWarranty 
PLA,ABSyes6"x8"x5.7"Yes80 micronsExcellent10 minutes12 month warrantyBuy on Amazon



Key Features:

Provides Push Button Printing And Scanning.

Just place an object you want to copy onto the build plate and using the touch screen, instruct the printer to scan the object and create a print file.

Using clever swiping laser triangulation (SLT) the printer can scan any object with maximum dimensions of 5″ tall x 9″ diameter. The printer then saves the scanned data onto its hard drive or a USB stick until you’re ready to slice the file and print the object.

Completely Self Contained.

Inside the Zeus 3D printer is a 1.7GHZ Exynos quad-core processor with 8GB capacity. What this means is that the machine will do everything without the need to have it connected to a separate computer or the use of slicing and hosting software. All the required software is already installed on the processor and operation is push-button simple.

7 Inch Touch Screen.

The 7″ touch screen is easy to operate and fairly intuitive. The camera inside the machine will show exactly what the printer is doing on the screen so you can watch the entire process from start to finish. There’s even a search function so you can search for objects which you want to print. Remember it’s a computer as well as a printer and uses Wi-Fi to find suitable print files for you on the web.

Automatic Calibration.

Before the Zeus starts any print job, it will automatically calibrate itself and ensure that the print bed is level. This means no more frustration or failed prints as you try to get your print bed level and your printer calibrated correctly.

Built-In Customer Support And Automatic Software Updates.

AIO Robotics are constantly updating the software to make it better and more functional. As long as your printer is connected to WiFi, you’ll get these updates automatically.

And if you do run across a problem, there’s a customer support button which allows you to send a report directly to the AIO Robotics engineers who will respond to your issue within 24 hours. Now that’s clever technology!

Remote Printing.

Because the Zeus is connected to your WiFi it can send any print file to another Zeus printer and have your object printed remotely. So if you’re at home and need something printed for your workshop, just send the file and allow your printer to create the object before you get there.

Endless Printing Possibilities.

Not only can the Zeus 3D printer scan and print objects that you already have on hand but it can also print any objects that you’ve created yourself or have found online. There’s no need for slicing software as the Zeus will convert any STL file into the GCode file needed for printing. This saves a lot of your time in learning the ins and outs of slicing software.

Optional Maintenance Package Available.

With the purchase of the Zeus 3D printer, there’s also the option to include the maintenance package. This includes 12 months of repair including any replacements parts needed and free shipping.


So What’s In The Box?

Included in the printer package is the fully assembled Zeus 3D printer as well as some accessories which include:

  • A scraper for removing the finished printed object from the plate.
  • A filament spool holder to hold your filament. The Zeus uses 1.75mm PLA filament.
  • A glue stick for adhering your print to the plate.
  • A calibration mat for when you first set up your printer.
  • A roll of sample filament so you can get started straight away.
  • A powder brush which is used to finely dust objects that you want to scan with powder to make the scanning process more precise.


Is There Any Assembly Required?

The Zeus 3D printer comes pre-assembled so you just need to unpack and plug it in. The build platform, which is a turntable, is in a separate box to protect it during shipping so you just need to insert it into the printer.

It’s a good idea before you start your first print job to level the build platform but this is super easy. Here are some simple instructions:

Take the turntable out of the printer and apply some glue to the top using the included glue stick.

Put the calibration mat on top of the turntable and make sure it aligns perfectly around all the edges.

Put the turntable back into the printer and using the touch screen, go to the settings menu and press the calibrate button.

Then press the calibrate button again on the following screen and the printer will take around 6 minutes to perfectly level the turntable automatically.


Is The Filament Easy To Load Into The Extruder?

Loading the filament is very easy using the touch screen. Press the control symbol which is on the very top right of the screen and then the ‘park’ button which moves the extruder to the front.

Once the extruder is at the front, manually insert the filament using the button to open the ‘jaws’ which hold the filament. Push filament down until you feel some resistance and release the button to close the ‘jaws’.


How Does The Scanning Work?

The scanner incorporates a laser which scans the object from all four sides. It then merges these four scans into one and converts it into an STL file. There are 3 scan options depending on the quality of the print that you need – quick scan, normal scan and high quality scan.

The two higher scan settings will take longer as the scanner will pick up all the minute details in the object to be scanned. A high quality scan can take between 30 and 60 minutes.

It’s a good idea to keep the printer door closed while the scanning is in progress to produce a better result. You can watch the entire process however, on the touch screen. If your model is dark or shiny, it’s a good idea to brush it with a little baby powder or other white mineral powder to make it easier for the scanner to determine the detail of the model.

Once the scan is complete you can preview the 3D file from all angles by using the touch screen to rotate the object. You can also resize the object if you want to.

When you’re happy with the 3D object, you can then instruct the slicing software to create the final GCode file. Select your required layer height and density and press the slice button. Once the slicing has been completed, you’re ready to print the object.

Always ensure that you put some glue onto the turntable before you start printing to help the print adhere to it and stop any movement.


Can The Zeus Use Filament Other Than PLA?

The Zeus 3D printer is designed specifically to work with PLA filament, however if you’re experienced in 3D printing you may like to experiment with other types of filament as the extruder temperature can be set to whatever your requirements are.


Is This Printer Just Suitable For Home Use?

Actually the Zeus 3D printer is widely used in schools and businesses due to its ease of set up and operation. In fact in 2016 it was used to print parts for a special prosthetic hand for playing basketball for a young amputee named Logan.

The 3D4E students at the University of California set about designing this ‘bionic’ hand and printed all the components on the Zeus printer. These were then held together with nylon wire and screws and the end result is amazing.

3D4E is a network of 3D printing students and enthusiasts across a number of universities including UCLA, San Diego State University, the University of Southern California and the University of Arizona. 3D4E at UCLA is partly sponsored by AIO Robotics with donations of printers and filaments.


What Customers Are Saying

There were many positive reviews for this printer, in fact 77% of all customers gave the Zeus 3D printer 5 out of 5 stars. Customers really liked how easy the printer was to use and the quality of the finished print objects. These comments came from both newbies and seasoned 3D printing enthusiasts.

Customers also really liked that the printer is a stand alone unit and can be put out of the way as files can easily be transferred to it using the Wi-Fi connectivity. Reviewers also commented on the helpfulness of the support team saying that the team were friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.

Of course, there were some negative reviews with customers having issues, however most of these were from 2015 and as AIO Robotics is constantly working on improvements in both their printers and the software, most of these problems would have been ironed out by now.

What we took away from all the reviews was that AIO Robotics are proud of and stand behind their 3D printer and will work with anyone who may be having problems. This is extremely positive as good after sales customer service is vitally important when it comes to 3D printers.


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a 3D printer which is easy to set up and can be used right out-of-the-box, then the Zeus All-in-one 3D printer is definitely a great choice. The integrated processor means that it’s a stand alone machine and doesn’t require any additional software.

You can easily scan and replicate objects you already have, or find a multitude of print files on the web which the Zeus can slice and print all in one easy operation.

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