Top Color Dual Extruder 3D Printers Under $1000: 2019 Edition

3D color dual extruder printers are becoming very popular for everyday household users as they have become very affordable. Expand your imagination and make anything you can think of become a reality.

They are quite simple to use and with millions of free print designs online anyone can jump right into 3D printing with no experience. I will be comparing the top 2 most popular and affordable color 3D printers in the market.



Max Print Size

Heating bed

Print Material

Assembly Time

Wifi connectivity

Customer Support


QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP Dual extruder 3d printer 



Already assembled

USB/SD card only

Excellent/Quick Responce


GEEEtech LAtest Acrylic i3 pro c dual extruder 3d printer



2-6 hours

USB/SD card only

Very Good


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1)QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP-QDA16-01 Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer

My personal top pick is the QIDI TECH Desktop 3D printer being the one of the best bang for your buck dual extruder 3D color printers in the market. It is a quick, safe and an easy-to-use printer giving very high quality prints. It includes a heating bed giving you the best quality prints. QIDI also includes very good lifetime customer support which is very beneficial when it comes to 3D printers as sometimes there can be little things you have to tweak.


What is a dual extruder?

The extruder is the metal tube that heats up and pushes out the printing material and stacks it up in layers to produce you print. Having a dual(two) extruders in one printer give you the ability to print two color prints such as a white and black classic soccer ball or a white and orange traffic cone.

You can also do some really interesting fades with two colors, for example a lighter orange than a darker color orange getting a really cool effect.


Is this printer safe for children/pets?

An important aspect of a 3D printer is safety especially if you have pets and children. A lot of 3D printers have an open concept either they are DIY(do it yourself) printers or just come with no covers and to me this is a safety issue because 3D printers have very hot working parts and if a pet or a kid starts touching the hot parts they could get hurt. The good thing about the QIDI TECH 3D printer is that it is a closed printer with transparent windows allowing you to see the process while it’s printing but also making it a much safer printer for families.


Which is better ABS or PLA as a printing material?

Both 3d printers I am reviewing have the ability to print in both ABS and PLA plastic material now it comes down to which one is better for you. Both printers come with some PLA filament as it is the most common printing material used.

ABS is a stronger and more flexible type of material which tends to work better for bigger prints. The more commonly used is PLA as it is environmentally friendly made of plant starch which comes in a huge variety of colors. PLA plastic melts at lower temperatures and cools quicker than ABS giving it a higher printing sharpness. I suggest you use PLA filament but you can always experiment with both and see which is best for you.


2)Geeetech Latest Acrylic I3 Pro C Dual Extruder 3D

The Acrylic I3 pro is the cheaper dual extruder 3D printer out of the two printers. It is a fast, high quality and reliable 3D printer. Also it comes with a heating bed which improves the quality of prints which is very amazing for a printer under $500. It does not come assembled so expect to do quite a bit of tinkering to build it.

If you do not like to tinker this may not be the printer for you as it can take hours to build but i see it as a great learning experience to learn about 3D printers and how they work.  This printer is an open concept printer which means the hot working parts are exposed and this could be a safety issue if you have children/pets.


What is a DIY 3D printer kit?

DIY 3D printer kits stand for do it yourself which means it does not come assembled and you will have to build the kit by yourself, this is one of the main reasons why they tend to be cheaper.You learn a lot about 3D printers from building your own and later on if you need to replace a part or even upgrade a part to improve performance this will be easier for you. This process can generally take between 2-8 hours depending on your previous knowledge of 3D printers and the clarity of the instructions.

DIY kits seem to have a bad rap for having poorly written instructions, this seems to be the case most times. You can always contact their customer support to get better instructions or sometimes you can find a video in youtube of how to construct your 3D printer.


What is the difference between FFF and FDM 3D printers?

There is a lot of confusion between FFF(Fused filament fabrication) printers and FDM (Fused deposition modeling) printers and that’s because both are abbreviations used to describe the exact same printing technique. FDM/FFF printers simply melt a certain material into thin layers which are then stacked one upon the other and then cooled making the layer stick together to make your print.

The reason why some printers will use the abbreviations of FFF and others FDM even though it is the exact same printing technique is because the word FDM was trademarked early on by one of the biggest 3D printing companies (Stratasys Inc).


How important is customer support really?

It is always helpful to have customer support if something goes wrong or if you are new to the 3D printing world and need some help. I would say for DYI kits specially you always want to choose a company with really good customer support because there are many pieces and sometimes it missing something and good customer support will solve that with you. Also, DIY printers are famous for having unclear picture by picture building instructions and very helpful to have customer support to give you clearer and quick guidance.



The QIDI Tech 3D printer would be best bang for your buck being my favourite printer. Already built and a ready to use enclosed 3D printer making it easy and family friendly. Delivering high quality prints with quick speed.

Geeetech Acrylic I3 Pro 3D printer being a DYI kit makes it an excellent opportunity to learn all about 3D printers as you build it making it a perfect printer if you are tech savvy. Being really cheap for a dual extruder 3D printer and still delivering high quality prints makes it a really attractive printer when looking for an affordable yet high quality 3D printer.

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