How Small Businesses Are Now Benefiting From 3D printers


3D printing started with additive manufacturing for big companies in helping them make customized prototypes for testing, now we have come a long way from that. 3D printers have become affordable and quicker with a huge variation of materials and possibilities. This boom in the 3D printing industry has allowed small business owners and even households to have their very own 3D printers.

A small business can greatly benefit from a 3D printer in the ability to create prototypes, small marketing gadgets, customized products for clients and even making money with their 3D printer.

What makes a business successful?

For a business to be successful it must stand out from its competitors. it needs a unique edge that makes people interested and wonder. That’s when they have the thought of: this is interesting i want to go and check it out.

Now with 3D printers small businesses are creating their own special gadgets to advertise with giving a new approach to the old put your brand on a pen and pass it around. Now a business owner can be more creative and innovative so that he can stand out from the rest and capture the interest of his clients. It is now used to even develop new products without having to spend a huge amount of money.


Can new products be developed with 3D printers?

The cost of 3D printers and their printing materials keep going down as the demand and production rises. Now we are at a point where even a cheap 3D printer has the capacity to produce prototypes for the development of products.

Many small businesses are taking advantage of this cutting edge technology and using it for the development of their own products. With 3D printers it is now possible to make prototypes of almost any product at a relatively low cost. This gives infinite possibilities for smaller business to create a prototype and test it out before making the final product. This can save businesses a lot of money and it gives them the flexibility of experimenting more with their prototype to make the best final product.


Using a 3D printer to make customized products ?

Having the ability to make customized products for your clients is a huge advantage in any business. An industry that has really taken this on is jewelry industry with 3D printers. They now make customized jewelry exactly as the customer wants with 3D printers. Before 3D printers they would have to make the mold by hand which could take weeks to perfect, now they just print the customized jewelry to make the mold and the whole process can now be done in less then one day. This of course had a huge impact making it much cheaper for the maker and the buyer.

This can benefit all types of business by leveraging the ability to make customized products for your clients meeting their wants and needs. This adds a lot of flexibility to any business which, will give you more happy clients.


How can I use 3D printing for marketing?

A really important aspect of any business, small or large is marketing and how well you market your company and products. One of the easiest ways to start marketing your business is to put your brand name and product into people’s minds. Giving people free stuff with your brand name on it is one of the oldest techniques of marketing.

This method has become very generic, to save money companies will put their names on mass produced objects because without a printer getting your own special gadget made can cost hundred of thousands of dollars. Now with the ability to print almost anything with 3D printers you can print a unique object that represents your business with your brand name on it.

For example an ice cream shop owner could print really colorful plastic keychain ice cream cones with his store’s name on it, which directly relates to his product, connecting the gadget with your brand name making it more memorable.


What are some other ways you can profit from having a 3D printer?

As the 3D printing industry expands more and more 3D printing services are becoming available. You may not be using your 3D printer all the time but if you want to get the most out of your printer then why not expand your ventures. You could offer 3D printing services, which have become very desirable and there is an ever-expanding demand for such services. By 2022 it is estimated that the 3D printing market will be worth around 30 billion dollars. Why not tap into the market and expand your business while making more profit.  

A very important part of business is building relations with other business. An excellent way of doing this is by helping them out with their own manufacturing with your 3D printer. This builds excellent business relations, which can help you grow your own business.


Will having a 3D printer save my business money?

There are a couple of things most businesses do to maximize their success such as marketing with branded objects and producing their own products. This sound nice and easy on paper but can actually be very costly.

Normally this work is outsourced to third party manufacturing companies which can be extremely expensive as they normally ask for a minimum order of products, also the initial prototype costs a lot of money and takes time to make. Having a 3D printer saves you a lot of money by cutting out the middleman and producing your own designs and prototypes.


How time effective is a 3D printer?

Recent inventions such as the Carbon3d printer have made it possible to print an object in less than 10 minutes although this technology is still quite expensive. Small businesses most commonly use SLA/DLP 3D printers, which are still remarkably fast being able to make many prints at the same time in a matter of hours.

This is extremely fast compared to sending the design to a company and waiting weeks or even months just to see a prototype, which becomes an even longer process if you have to revise it and have it redone.


How easy is it to use a 3D printer?

Most 3D printers are remarkably easy to use and maintain. You can get built ready to go 3D printers where you input your file, load the printing material and click the print button. What can take some time is designing your actual print with a CAD program.

There are thousands of free unique designs on the Internet that can be downloaded and quickly branded with your brand name for marketing. When it comes to a more customized design for a prototype you can either learn how to use the designing software which a lot of 3D printer owners do or for a small fee get the design file made and sent to you.



3D printers should not be overlooked as just gadgets but seen for the potential they have in helping and expanding small businesses. They are quick, efficient and have the ability to save businesses a big portion of their budget. In the near future most businesses will have 3D printers, as it will become a must have for any successful business.

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