Robo 3D 2C Compact Printer Review: High Resolution,Simple

If you’re looking for a simple plug and print 3D printer which is compact with wireless connectivity and control, then the Robo 2C Compact should definitely be worthy of your consideration.

The Robo C2 is part of the next generation of fully-featured printers which is easy to use either in your home, office, workshop or school. Although it has only a small footprint, measuring 13 inches wide x 18.25 inches high, it’s a powerful printer with a pretty decent print area.

Featuring full wireless connectivity to any iPhone, Mac or iPad it can also be used with any computer running Windows or Linux. The wireless connectivity allows you to control the printer remotely which means you can start, stop and monitor print jobs even while you’re away from the printer.

Let’s have a look at some of the features which make the Robo 2C the ideal first printer for anyone who wants to create their own 3D objects.


Print material
Auto CalibrationMaximum print size(inches)Heating bedlayer thickness Customer supportAssembly timeWarranty 
PLA,Wood,PVA,MoreYes5"x5"x6"No20-300 micronsAmazing10 Minutes6 MonthsBuy on Amazon



Key Features

High Print Resolution

This printer has the best print resolution for the price that I have seen on the market. At a max resolution of 20 microns you get amazing quality and detailed prints. This is a huge plus for anyone who is looking for a 3D printer.

Excellent Print Capacity For A Compact Printer.

The Robo 2C printer has a print capacity of 5 inches x 5 inches x 6 inches. This is excellent for such a compact printer and will allow you to make a wide variety of items.

Easy To Use Built In Touch Screen.

The 3.5 inch color touch screen is built into the front of the printer to make it easily accessible. You can use this touch screen to set up your printer and there are various wizards to help with filament loading and calibration.

Removable Glass Print Bed.

The glass print bed on the Robo 2C is removable and auto-leveling. This makes it easy to remove printed objects and saves the leveling frustration which can sometimes be associated with other 3D printers. The print bed is not heated however, so it’s not possible to print with ABS.

Can Print With Over 20 Different Types Of Filament.

With the Robo 2C you can print with almost any type of filament that does not require a heated print bed. This includes PLA, wood and flexible filament.

Easy Wi-Fi Connectivity.

The Robo 2C easily connects to your Wi-Fi when you install the Robo app on your mobile device. This allows you to control your printer remotely if you need to.

This is also the only 3D printer that can be controlled directly from a Chromebook as it has it’s own slicing software already installed.

Excellent Support.

Robo offer 24/7 phone support so that you can get your questions answered whenever you need to. You can even schedule a 1-on-1 support session with a qualified technician via Skype. This means that you’re never alone when you come across any problems or issues.


What’s In The Box?

The Robo C2 is a completely assembled 3D printer and will work effortlessly straight out of the box. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Robo C2 printer.
  • A power cable.
  • A spool of filament.
  • The Quick start guide.
  • A USB with 3D models pre-loaded.
  • A 1 year subscription to Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • A tool kit.


What Is The Robo App?

The Robo app is free to download from your iTunes account straight to your mobile device. It allows you to control the Robo 3D printer remotely. You can monitor the progress of every print job easily.

Currently the app only supports iOS but it will be available for Android in the near future.

The app also allows you to manage multiple prints and printers if you happen to have more than one. With the manual control panel you see exactly what’s happening and can adjust anything that you may need to.

You can also connect to cloud libraries to download any 3D models that you may wish to print on your Robo 2C. Plus you can easily access support and various tutorials directly from within in the app. And if you’re running low on filament, you can order supplies directly from Robo using the app.


How Much Set Up Is Required Before You Can Start Printing With The Robo 2C?

Basically this 3D printer comes ready to use straight out of the box and there is very little set up required. We consulted the Quick Start guide and here are the initial set up steps:

  1. Firstly you need to insert the spool holder into the rear slot of the printer.
  2. Then you insert the filament feed tube into the filament sensor block.
  3. You can then insert the filament feed tube into the extruder.
  4. Connect the power cord to the printer and plug into your power outlet.
  5. Then simply turn on the printer.
  6. Next hang the filament spool onto the holder and insert the filament into the feeding tube following the simple instructions on how to use the filament loading wizard.
  7. The next step is to calibrate your printer using the Z Offset Wizard.

You’re now finally ready to do your first test print.

After these initial set up steps you’ll want to connect your printer to your Wi-Fi. This is very simple to do using the step by step instructions.

Finally you’ll want to install the mobile Robo app on your mobile device and install the desktop software on your computer. The software is pre-loaded onto the USB stick or you can download it from the Robo website.


What Can You Print With The Robo 2C Printer?

Basically you can print anything that you can find an STL file for or any creation that you design yourself using readily available design software.

To get you started there are some awesome print models and designs on the Robo website in various categories. Here are some examples:

Jewelry such as a chain-mail bracelet, a band for an apple watch, an interwoven hearts ring or a ring holder in the shape of a hand.

Home products such as a bonsai planter, a wine bottle holder, Halloween cookie cutters or a quaint bird house.

Personalized items such as custom name key rings, customized gift tags, monogrammed phone cases or a can handle with your name on it.

Gadgets such as a USB cable organizer, a Lego walker, a Swiss army style SD holder or GoPro Knuckles.

Smartphone accessories like an octopus stand, a bike mount, a honeycomb case or a car phone holder.

Stuff for the office like a cutesy pen holder, a headphone hanger, a name plate for your desk or a letter opener.

There are so many items that you can print with the Robo 2C that the list is entirely endless. Look on websites such as Thingiverse and you’ll find lots and lots of inspiration for print jobs that are both useful and quirky.


Can You Print Multi Colored Objects With This Printer?

As the Robo 2C only has one print extruder it is not possible to load 2 different colored filaments before starting your print job.

With a little practice and patience, you can however, change your filament mid print. In this way you are able to create a multi colored object or model.

On the touch screen, under utilities and wizards, you’ll find the filament change wizard which will guide you through the process. You might need to test this a couple of times first before you get a perfect result.


What Slicing Software Can You Use With The Robo 2C?

Robo have their own version of the Cura slicing software (Cura 2.5). This is available to download from their website for either Windows or MAC. It will allow you to easily prepare your print jobs and send them to your printer over any wireless connection.

This is particularly useful if you prefer to use a computer rather than your smart phone to control and monitor your print jobs.


What Kind Of Warranty Does The Robo 2C Come With?

The Robo 2C comes with a limited 6 month part replacement warranty and a 30 day total satisfaction return policy.


Is There Much Support Available Online?

Robo have their own forum which is accessible via their website and which has an entire section dedicated to the Robo 2C model. Here you’ll find discussions on troubleshooting as well as many handy hints and tips to help you get the most from your 3D printer.

You can also find a very active user group on Thingiverse which has over 850 members plus another 3D community of over 100 members.

With all of these groups and forums plus the Robo support team, you’ll never come across a problem or challenge that can’t be resolved quickly and easily.


What Customers Are Saying.

After reading very many customer reviews, the thing that impressed us the most was the very personal support provided by the company. Many times we saw a personal response from one of the co-founders of the company to a customer that may have had an issue with their printer. This level of support is indeed rare and is to be commended.

That being said, most of the customer reviews we read were very positive and most people commented on how easy this printer was to set up and use. People also commented on the quality of the print objects saying that they were very happy with this.

Some customers did have issues with the prints sticking to the build plate, however this can be easily overcome by applying some glue stick to the plate before the printing starts.

We found that positive reviews came from both 3D printing newbies and more experienced 3D printing hobbyists. From this we concluded that this printer is both easy to use and can handle some more advanced projects as well.


Final Verdict

The Robo 2C 3D printer is both stylish and compact. It’s very easy to set up and use straight out of the box and is suitable for both beginners and more experienced 3D printing enthusiasts.

The build area is very generous, especially for a printer of this size and price range. The Robo 2C can handle a lot of different filament types so is ideal for all kinds of 3D printing projects.

It’s wireless connectivity and the addition of the Robo app for smart phones, makes this printer a worthy consideration for anyone who may be looking for their first or even subsequent 3D printer.

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