QIDI Technology X-One 3d Printer Review: Solid Printer, Amazing Quality

For those of you who are looking for a fully assembled printer with great functionality, the Qidi Technology X-One is an amazingly good printer for the price.

It’s extremely sturdy and stable as it’s made from strong sheet metal including even the fan cover. It’s held together by tapping screws so there are no nuts which can vibrate loose during printing.

The Qidi X-One produces incredibly good quality prints and even handles quite complicated prints easily. Because it has a heated print bed, you can use different types of filament including ABS.

It has a very responsive 3.5 inch full color touch screen which is a nice feature for a fully assembled printer in this price range.


Print material
Auto CalibrationMaximum print size(inches)Heating bedlayer thickness Customer supportAssembly timeWarranty 
PLA,ABS,HIPS,MoreNo5.5"x5.5"x5.5"Yes100-500 micronsExcellent10 MinutesSix monthsBuy on Amazon



Key Features

Full Metal Construction.

As we mentioned previously, the Qidi X-One is made from sheet metal which makes it really sturdy and stable. This ensures that you’ll always get great quality prints because the printer won’t move around at all even during fast prints.

It weighs just over 40 pounds but the side handles makes it easy to move the printer around if you need to. And because of its solid build, you won’t have any issue moving it around as everything stays in place.


Solid Heated Print Bed.

The Qidi X-One has a 6mm thick aviation grade aluminum alloy print bed. This can be heated up to 110 degrees Celsius so is suitable for printing with ABS filament.

The sturdiness of the print bed ensures a completely flat surface which doesn’t move around at all. This is another plus for producing excellent quality prints.

The build volume for this printer is 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches. It’s not huge but fairly standard for a fully assembled printer in this price range.

The bed needs to be leveled manually but this is quite easy using the prompts on the touch screen. Once leveled the first time though, you’ll find that it remains level through many subsequent prints.


Responsive 3.5 Inch Full Color Touch Screen.

The 3.5 inch touch screen on the front of the Qidi X-One is very responsive and allows you to control the printer without having to be connected to a computer via USB.

The touch screen has quite a number of functions and will even allow you to pause a print and resume it at a later time. This is due to the printer remembering the breakpoint at which it was paused.

Filament changes are also relatively easy with the use of the touch screen. This means you could produce multi colored prints by pausing the printer at the correct point and changing the filament to a different color.


Single Mk10 Style Extruder.

The Qidi X-One has a single Mk10 style metal extruder with 0.4 mm print nozzle. The extruder has its own cooling fan and is encased in a metal shroud.


Software Is Included On The SD Card.

This printer comes with its own version of the Cura slicing software which you’ll find on the SD card. You can also use other slicing software like Simplify 3D if you prefer.

To make things easier, the instruction manual which is also on the SD card has recommended settings for you to use.


Can Use A Variety Of Filaments.

The Qidi X-One uses 1.75 filament and can easily handle ABS, PLA, PVA and HIPS. This gives you plenty of scope to be as creative as you want and produce a huge variety of different prints.

Some of the reviews we read also suggested that people were having success with other filament types like TPU and Nylon. It’s just a case of experimenting with the different settings when using alternative filament so that you get the best possible results.


Excellent Warranty And Customer Service.

Qidi supply this printer with a 6 month warranty. This includes free repair or replacement of parts including the main circuit board, the extruder, the power supply and the motor.

Qidi’s excellent customer service team will also respond to any queries or issues quickly and offer solutions to ensure you don’t have any lengthy down time.

We were quite impressed with their presence online responding to questions on Amazon as well as their Facebook page. From this we gathered that having happy customers was definitely high on their list of priorities.


What’s In The Box?

The Qidi Technology X-One printer comes to you fully assembled and extremely well packaged. Here’s what you’ll find in the box:

  • The Qidi X-One fully assembled 3D printer (well packaged and protected).
  • A Quick Start Guide.
  • A sample roll of filament.
  • A filament spool holder.
  • A power cable.
  • A USB cable.
  • An 8GB SD card and SD card reader. On the SD card you’ll find the comprehensive instruction manual, a video showing you how to load the filament, a sample test print and Qidi’s own slicing software.
  • A piece of leveling paper. This is for leveling the print bed of course.
  • A scraper for removing prints from the bed.
  • A set of tools.


How Easy Is It To Set Up?

Because the Qidi X-One comes fully assembled, there’s very little set up required. Here are the basic set up steps:

  1. Attach the filament with the spool holder onto the back of the printer.
  2. Feed the filament into the guide tube and insert into the extruder by pressing the filament release switch. If you cut the end of the filament at a slight angle, it should be easier to insert into the extruder.
  3. Attached the handles to either side of the printer.
  4. Attach the power cord and plug into your power socket and then turn on the printer.
  5. Insert the SD card into your computer to find the included software and instructions for correct printer set up.
  6. Level the print bed using the touch screen and the leveling screws under the bed.
  7. Then it’s time to start your first test print.


Can You Print Multiple Small Items At Once With This Printer?

It is entirely possible to print multiple small items at once with the Qidi X-One. All you need to do is set up the print file accordingly in the slicing software and make sure that all pieces are within the parameters of the print area.

You then export the resultant G-Code file onto the SD card and use this to instruct the printer on what to print.


What Kind Of Support Is Available With This Printer?

From the many reviews that we read, the Qidi Tech support team are extremely responsive and helpful. You can just email them with any issue that you may have and they will get back to you very quickly.

They also have a Facebook page on which they answer questions. There are also various instructional and trouble shooting videos available on the page.

We also found a group on Thingiverse dedicated to the Qidi X-One with a fairly active community of 78 members and lots of tips and questions being answered.


Is This Printer Suitable For Beginners?

In our extensive research we found that the Qidi X-One is certainly a good choice for a first 3D printer. It comes fully assembled and takes very little time to have it printing your first object. It is also very easy to operate


Here are a few tips to ensure good results

  1. Put some blue masking tape on the print bed to ensure that your prints will stick. You can also use some glue stick if you prefer.
  2. Make sure the settings are correct for the type of filament that you’re using when producing the print files in your slicing software. If you’re using the included software or Simplify 3D, you should have no problems with this.
  3. Take your time in leveling the print bed for the first time to ensure that it’s completely level.
  4. Ensure that you sit your printer on a solid surface so it does not move around while it’s printing.
  5. For more detailed prints, it’s a good idea to slow down the print speed. This can either be done in the slicing software or directly on the touch screen.
  6. You can find many objects to print on websites like Thingiverse but if you want to create your own designs, try using Tinkercad. This software is quite easy and intuitive to use.
  7. Don’t be afraid to play around with your print settings if you get some failures. Successful 3D printing requires a little bit of learning and testing to get perfect results.
  8. When loading your print files onto the SD card, make sure that they’re in the main directory as the printer can’t open folders on the card.
  9. If you want to have success printing with ABS, then you may need to build an enclosure for your printer. ABS requires a temperature controlled environment. If you look on Thingiverse, you’ll actually find some designs for enclosures for this particular printer.


What Customers Are Saying

Of all the reviews that we read, we found that almost all customers were extremely happy with the quality of this printer. Most liked its solid build and the ease of setting it up.

Some recurring comments that we found included “Qidi Tech X-One is the best”, “Very impressed with this printer”, “solid printer” and “Great printer for the price”.

Most customers were also surprised by the amazing print quality that this printer produced and how easy and responsive the touch screen was.

Another common thread we found among reviews was how quick and responsive the Qidi Tech support team were. One customer even commented that he received a video showing exactly how to fix the issue he was having.

When you’re new to 3D printing, this kind of support is both reassuring and necessary.


Final Verdict

The Qidi X-One 3D printer is a solid and well built machine which requires minimal set up and will have you printing great quality prints straight out of the box.

It’s ideal for beginners as well as schools, engineers, architects, designers and home hobbyists. It has a number of features that other printers in this price range do not have such as a heated print bed and a full color touch screen.

If you’re looking for a reliable and sturdy 3D printer, the Qidi X-One will not disappoint. Plus knowing that you’ll have a very responsive support team at your fingertips should make this purchase an easy decision.

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