QIDI Tech 1 Dual Extruder 3D Printer Review: Top Choice 2017

If you’re new to the world of 3D printing and want a durable machine which produces high quality prints using either PLA or ABS filament and you like the idea of multi colored prints, then you should definitely consider the QIDI Tech 1 Dual Extruder 3D printer.

It’s a surprisingly sophisticated machine which can produce beautiful, glossy prints with excellent detail and it retails for well under $1000. Because the print box is fully enclosed the printer is also super quiet. The QIDI is actually very similar to the more expensive Flashforge Creator Pro and is based on the MakerBot 3D printer.


Print material
Auto CalibrationMaximum print size(inches)Heating bedlayer thickness Customer supportAssembly timeWarranty 
PLA,ABSNo8.8"x5.9"x5.9"Yes100-400 micronsExcellent10 minutes3 month warrantyBuy on Amazon



Key Features:

1.Solid Construction
The QIDI Tech 1 has a strong metal body and a fully enclosed print box. This ensures that the machine is durable and printing runs at a consistent temperature.

The sides, front and top of the printer are acrylic which means that you get a good view of the printing process when the printer is running.

The build plate is heated and is made from aviation grade aluminum which means it is completely flat and no warping will occur even with high temperatures. The plate is supported by heat resistant metal supports to ensure durability.

The enhanced internal circuits are designed to prevent static while the machine is printing.

2.Dual Extruders
The dual extruders allow you to create prints of different colors which not only means more interesting prints but also makes it easier to create and then remove support structures as you’ll be printing these in a different color from the main print.

The QIDI Tech 1 can use either PLA, ABS or TPU filament as long as the filament is 1.75 mm in diameter. It’s also easy to pause the printing to add in a new color if you want to.

3.Easy To Use LED Control Panel
The LED control panel is easy to read and operate using push buttons. It will even give you instructions on how to get started and has special functions for calibrating the build plate including a test print so that you can ensure that the plate is calibrated correctly.

4.Two Filament Spool Holders
This 3D printer comes with 2 spool holders which are attached to the back of the machine and are 1 inch in diameter. This means that they will fit almost any filament spool you wish to use.

5.Software Compatibility
The printer is compatible with any operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux via a USB cable. Also included with the printer is a SD card which contains the easy to use Makerware Replicator software recommended by the manufacturer for creating your print files.

The SD card also contains sample print files which you can create using the two sample spools of filament which are included with the printer. You’ll get a sample spool of both PLA and ABS filament to allow you to understand how the different filaments work in relation to the finished print.

6.Exceptional Customer Service
Customer service support is absolutely brilliant and any enquiry will be responded to within 24 hours. QIDI Tech will go out of their way to make sure that you are happy with your purchase and to assist you in any way they can.

In fact, every printer that is sent out to a customer is tested for a full 8 hours before despatch to ensure that it’s working perfectly.


Does The Printer Come Pre-assembled?

One of the advantages of the QIDI Tech 1 3D printer is that it arrives on your doorstep already pre-assembled straight out of the box. There are only a few parts that you need to attach before you can start printing.

Here’s a quick run down of the assembly required:
When you receive your printer box take everything out including the printer itself which is extremely well packed to avoid any damage during transportation.

1)Attach the extruders into the cradle using the 2 screws provided.

2)Next attach the 2 filament spool holders to the back of the machine and put the 2 sample filament rolls on to the spools.

3)Now you need to attach the 2 filament feeder tubes which just clip into the back of the box with snap lock clips to hold them in place.

4)Feed the filaments through the tubes and insert them into the top of the extruders.

5)You’ll now want to calibrate the build plate using just a sheet of paper. You’ll find instructions on how to do this in the included manual which is on the SD card. You can also do a test print using the LED panel as a guide.

6)The next step is to attach the handle and hinges to the acrylic door and then install the door and the acrylic side panels.

7)Now all that’s left to do is to assemble the acrylic top and install it and you’re ready to start your first print job.

Here is a youtube video of the unboxing and assembling of the printer:


How Does The QIDI Tech 1 Compare To The Flashforge Creator Pro?

There are basically three main differences between the QIDI Tech 1 and the Flashforge Creator Pro:
The Flashforge has a motherboard with a larger chip than the QIDI Tech 1 to store larger firmware files however there are currently no firmware files which require the use of a larger chip so the chip on the QIDI is perfectly adequate.

The smaller chip size in the QIDI definitely does not affect its superb performance
While the Flashforge has solid styrene closed sides with only one side being removable, the QIDI has acrylic sides which can both be removed. This is particularly useful when printing with PLA to allow additional airflow and cooling.

The printer spools on the Flashforge only allow the use of filament spools which have a large 2 inch diameter hole while the QIDI can accommodate spools with 1 inch diameter holes and everything above. This means you can use almost any brand of filament such as the smaller and very popular Hatchbox filament.


What Software Does This Printer Come With?

The included SD card contains the Makerware Replicator software and Sailfish which converts the printing instructions from Makerware to the language (.x3g) that the 3D printer understands to execute the printing process.

It is also possible to use Simplify 3D to create your printing designs if you prefer to use this program.


How Do You Switch From The Right Extruder To The Left Extruder?

Your extruder set up is all programmed within the slicing software that you’re using. When you create your print job, you need to specify which extruder the printer is to use for each section of the model you’re going to print.

This includes using different colors. Just make sure that you have the correct colors in the correct extruders as specified in your print design.


Useful Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your QIDI 3D Printer:

Try not to leave prints on the build plate to completely cool down as you may find that they can be difficult to remove.

Store your filament in a sealed bag to avoid contact with moisture.

When printing with PLA, make sure you turn on the turbo fan as the fan switch defaults to the off position. This will avoid stringiness and lack of adhesion in your finished prints.

If you’re having some problems with your prints sticking to the build plate especially when using PLA, try putting some glue on the plate first. You could also try using hairspray. Soak a piece of paper towel with hairspray and wipe over the build plate. Allow it to dry before starting your print job. You may need to repeat this after a few prints.

For further support and other helpful tips, there’s an excellent support group for the QIDI Tech 1 on Thingiverse. You’ll also find some interesting print files available including accessories you can print for your QIDI printer such as more sophisticated spool holders and glass bed clamps in case you want to add a glass top to your build plate.



3 months, however support is excellent if you have any problems.


What Customers Are Saying:

After reading hundreds of reviews on this printer we found that 76% of customers were entirely happy with this printer and gave it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. There were numerous mentions of the excellent customer service provided by QIDI Tech including fast shipping of replacement parts if needed as well as excellent guidance on installing these and extra parts as bonuses.

Most customers have commented on the quality and sturdiness of the printer itself and also on the level of detail that the printer produces in each print job. In fact one customer was so happy with the quality of the prints that he has started a business using his QIDI 3D printer.

We found many reviews from first time 3D printer users and all have been amazed at how easily and quickly they were able to produce quality prints with their QIDI Tech 1.

A few customers reported that they had the x-axis cable fail after a few prints. Fortunately there is a spare cable included with the printer and a youtube video available to show you how to replace the cable if needed.

The only negative reviews we found were centered around the quality of the sample filament which is included with the printer. As this included filament is only meant for test print jobs, this is definitely not a concern as you will be purchasing your own filament for your 3D print projects.


Final Verdict:

The QIDI Tech 1 Dual Extruder 3D printer is well constructed and very durable. It comes mostly pre-assembled with only a little assembly required before you can start your first print job.

Being a fully enclosed printer means that it is much quieter than some other 3D printers and works really well with ABS filament. The acrylic sides not only allow you to better view the printing process but are removable which is highly recommended if you’re using PLA filament.

The build plate is easily calibrated and heated to ensure good adhesion of your print job as long as you make sure that the plate is heated to the correct temperature before starting the print.

The dual extruders allow you to print in more than one color and also make it easy when you’re using support structures for your print.

This 3D printer is an excellent choice if you’re new to 3D printing but also great if you’re looking for an additional printer to add to your collection. It is great value for money and the customer support is exceptional.

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