QB Ciclop 3D Scanner Kit Review: The First Open Source Scanner

We look into the exciting world of scanning and the first ever made DIY 3D scanner kit. The Ciclop 3D scanner is completely open sourced, which means the hardware and software are available for everyone to modify and improve. The creators inspiration in making this scanner was to inspire and teach everyone about 3D scanning. Being a DIY kit makes it one of the cheapest scanner in the market today.

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The Evolution Of 3D Printers


3D printers have changed our world for the better and keeps having a huge effect on all industries. From the start to just helping manufacturing industries to now being used in education and many other areas. Now people are even buying it for their own personal use. Opening a whole world of opportunities and creativity the 3d printer is now a evolutionary tool.

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How Small Businesses Are Now Benefiting From 3D printers


3D printing started with additive manufacturing for big companies in helping them make customized prototypes for testing, now we have come a long way from that. 3D printers have become affordable and quicker with a huge variation of materials and possibilities. This boom in the 3D printing industry has allowed small business owners and even households to have their very own 3D printers.

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All Types of 3D Printers: 2019 Guide

3d printer image


3D printers have come a long way from when the first one was created in 1988. At first being quite slow and expensive to now having many types each with its own applications and advantages creating a boom of the demand for 3D printers in many industrial fields. It has now become so affordable that there are many commercial printers for as little as $300 and a high demand from individuals to get one for their own home.

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Best DIY 3D Printer Kits : 2019 Edition

DIY 3D printer kits are the cheapest and most customizable type of 3D printers on the market making them a very popular choice when picking a 3D printer.

You learn a lot from building your own 3D printer from scratch and it’s a huge advantage to be able to know how to replaces or even upgrade parts of your printer. I will be showing you the best DIY 3D printer kits currently on the market.

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