Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer Review: Top Rated 3D Printer

For anyone who wants an easy to use and reliable 3D printer, the FlashForge Creator Pro is an excellent choice. This 3D printer comes pre-assembled and produces excellent high quality prints. It’s a very neat looking machine and is ideal for both first time 3D print novices, 3D printing enthusiasts and printing professionals such as designers, architects and engineers.

It is one of the best value dual head 3D printers available on the market today. The sturdy frame and fully enclosed print chamber makes this a very reliable and high performance machine.

It’s ideal for printing prototypes, design models and any plastic parts or brackets that you may require. It’s also a fantastic printer to use in schools and other learning environments due to its ease of use and reliability.


Print material
Auto CalibrationMaximum print size(inches)Heating bedlayer thickness Customer supportAssembly timeWarranty 
PLA,ABSNo8.9"x5.7"x5.9"Yes100-300 micronsExcellent20 minutes90 day warrantyBuy on Amazon



Key Features:

1. Sturdy Metal Frame.

The pressed aluminum frame on this printer creates a very stable support housing for the printer itself. This helps to improve print quality as it keeps the printer rigid and stable. It also greatly reduces vibration while printing is in progress.

2. Aviation Level Aluminum Build Plate

The heated build plate is 6.3 mm thick. This guarantees that the surface is completely flat and will not warp during the heating process. The build area is 22.7 cm x 14.8 cm x 15 cm (8.9 inches x 5.7 inches x 5.9 inches. You can heat the platform up to 120 degrees Celsius which means you can print with a variety of different filaments including ABS and HIPS.

3. Precise Z Axis Movement.

The build platform support is made from heat-resistant metal for extra durability. The guide rod is 10 mm thick to provide precise Z axis movement and to prevent the platform arm from bending.

The build plate can be leveled with easy to reach thumb screws and uses a 3 point leveling system.

4. Fully Enclosed Chamber.

The enclosed chamber on this printer provides excellent insulation for the print environment. This is particularly useful when printing with ABS filament as it reduces the risk of warping.

The front door and top canopy cover are injection molded for greater durability. This also assists in reducing the sound resonance outside the print so you’ll notice that it runs much quieter. The door has two small magnets on it to keep it closed.

5. Full Warranty And Lifetime Support.

This printer comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime user support from FlashForge’s expert technicians. This means that there’s always assistance on hand if you happen to run into any printing problems.

6. Powerful FlashPrint Software.

FlashForge have developed this excellent slicing software especially for their 3D printers. It slices your print files and creates the GCode files which the printer uses to complete the print job.

This software now has many advanced features such as the ability to generate your own custom support structures. You can let FlashPrint create these automatically or add or remove any that you do or don’t want.

The FlashForge Creator Pro is also compatible with other open source slicing software such as Simplify3D, ReplicatorG or MakerWare. This is great if you are more familiar with these software packages.

7. LED Light.

There’s an LED light inside the chamber so you can see exactly what’s going on with your print job.

8. Integrated LCD Screen.

The easy to use LCD screen is easy to control with navigation push buttons for simplicity. It’s very intuitive and will display both instructions and also your printing progress.

9. Dual Head Extruder.

This printer includes a newly designed dual head extruder. This can be used with both PLA and ABS filament. The left print head on the extruder is optimized specifically for PLA filament as it has an integrated fan. The right extruder, on the other hand, is totally optimized to print with ABS filament.

The extruder is a MK9 model and is suitable for printing with all types of filament, not just PLA and ABS. This printer will also handle PVA, HIPS and flexible filaments which is great for the more advanced 3D printing user.

You can utilize the dual print heads in various ways. It’s easy to create two color print jobs just by putting a different colored filament in each extruder. You program the print file to tell the printer which parts of the model you want printed with each color.

For more advanced 3D print enthusiasts, you can also create soluble support structures by using a different type of filament in the second extruder.


What’s In The Box?

  • The Creator Pro 3D Printer.
  • The dual extruder.
  • Two spool holders.
  • Two sample spools of filament.
  • Two spare blue platform stickers.
  • Two filament guide tubes.
  • Tools and screws necessary for assembly and maintenance.
  • Two spare Teflon tubes.
  • An acrylic covers kit to fully enclose the build chamber for excellent heat control.
  • A power supply cable.
  • A USB cable.
  • A 4GB SD card which contains software, test sample files and the latest operation manual.


Is There Much Assembly Required With This Printer?

The FlashForge Creator Pro comes fully assembled except for a few minor elements which you need to install.

Firstly you need to attach the turbo fan onto the left extruder and then install the print head using the screws which come with the printer. Next you’ll want to install the filament feeder tubes and the spool holders.

You then need to attach the acrylic door to the front of the printer. Next you can load the filament using the directions on the LCD display panel which will tell you to preheat the extruders first.

Follow the instructions on the LCD panel again to make sure that the print bed is level.

Then all that’s left to do is to put on the canopy top and you’re ready to start your first print job.


Do You Need To Prep The Print Bed Before Printing?

The print bed in this 3D printer already comes with a cover of Kapton tape plus you receive a couple of replacement covers with the printer. This tape helps your prints to adhere to the plate.

Replace the tape as it becomes damaged and you’ll have no problems with your prints sticking to the heated plate.

You can also use a thin layer of hairspray on the build plate if you’re finding that the corners of your prints are lifting while you’re printing.


Some Useful Hints and Tips From Current Users:

Be careful when removing the finished print jobs so that you don’t accidentally disturbed the level of the build platform. It’s easier to remove ABS prints after they have cooled down but PLA prints are easier to remove before they’ve cooled down. For the easiest removal, use a flat spatula.

Don’t turn off the machine until the extruder fans have stopped. This will prevent the filament from melting in the feed system.

Insert the SD card into the slot before selecting ‘print from SD card’ on the LCD screen to ensure the printer recognizes that the card has been inserted.

If you plan to use different types of filament spools, you may need to print some additional spool holders to accommodate the different sized spools. Print files for these can easily be found on Thingiverse.


Is There A Lot Of Support Available For Users Of This Printer?

Apart from the lifetime support provided by the supplier of this 3D printer, there are quite a number of online community groups and forums available for users to join and pick up useful hints and tips.

There is a Google group for FlashForge which has a large following and thousands of topics are discussed. There is also a forum group on 3D Print Board with thousands of active participants and a lot of different subjects are covered.

If you visit Thingiverse, you’ll also find some active groups and users plus hundreds of projects you can print on your FlashForge Creator Pro.


Is This Printer Recommended For A First Time User?

The FlashForge Creator Pro is ideal as a first 3D printer. It takes very little time to set it up and have it printing straight out of the box. The print bed is fairly easy to level and the LCD screen is extremely user friendly.

The manual which comes with the printer is easy to understand and includes step-by-step set up instructions complete with photos. Also included in the manual are instructions for setting up and using the software, again with step-by-step photos and illustrations.

After the initial set up and leveling of the print bed, there is very little maintenance required apart from periodically checking screw tightness and making sure that the bed is still level. The after sales support is excellent, in case you run into any problems.


What Customers Are Saying:

The FlashForge Creator Pro is highly regarded as an excellent quality machine by many new customers. Most people were very impressed with the excellent print quality produced by this printer.

There were positive comments from both first time 3D printer users as well as 3D printing enthusiasts. Most people said that the printer was very easy to set up and that the print quality and usability of this printer exceeded their expectations.

The majority of customers said that they would definitely recommend this printer to others. Comments like “great customer support”, “solid printer” and “best purchase I’ve made” were common among happy customers.


Final Verdict

The FlashForge Creator Pro is an ideal 3D printer for 3D printing novices and enthusiasts alike. It works really well straight out of the box and produces excellent quality prints.

The fully enclosed chamber means that the temperature of the printing environment is kept at a more even level and the noise level is also reduced. The dual head extruder lets you produce two color prints as well as soluble support structures.

The LCD screen is very intuitive and easy to use with the navigation buttons and the heated build platform means you can print with many different types of filament.

All in all, this is an excellent printer for the price and is highly recommended by many happy users.

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