Einstart-S 3D Printer Review: Solid Printer, Simple To Use

If you’re looking for a great 3D printer for beginners which works virtually out of the box, then the Einstart-S would make a great choice. It’s a simple PLA printer which comes fully assembled and requires very little set up. In fact, you could be starting your first print job 10 minutes after you open the box.

The Einstart-S is made by Shining 3D, a Chinese company who is more well known for producing 3D scanners. Shining 3D believe in providing quality products to the 3D community and extensively test their printers to make sure they produce good quality and consistent prints.

In their ‘print room’ they have over 200 of these Einstart-S 3D printers working almost non-stop to produce some of the most amazing prints. Their technicians are constantly evaluating the performance of these printers to ensure that they keep working consistently.


Print material
Auto CalibrationMaximum print size(inches)Heating bedlayer thickness Customer supportAssembly timeWarranty 
PLA OnlyNo6.3"x6.3"x6.3"No100 micronsExcellent10 Minutes30 days


Key Features

Sheet Metal Construction.

Constructed from sheet metal, this 3D printer is solid and tough. The solid construction means that the printer is extremely stable which ensures high quality prints. The fact that the printer does not vibrate while it’s printing means that it operates much quieter than some other 3D printers.

Designed For Use With PLA Filament.

The Einstart-S does not have a heated print bed so it is designed primarily for PLA filament. This is excellent for use in schools and training institutions as PLA is non-toxic and does not produce unpleasant fumes.

Smart Control Slicing Software.

The slicing software that comes with the Einstart-S is extremely easy to use and produces excellent rafts. It also has a G-Code preview so you can see how the printer will create your 3D model. One thing that’s exceptional about this slicing software is the raft that it creates pulls away from the printed model really easily and cleanly.

Removable Print Bed.

The acrylic print bed on this 3D printer is easily removable as it’s held in place with magnets. This makes it super easy to remove completed prints. The build volume is 6.3 inches x 6.3 inches x 6.3 inches. The print bed is also auto-calibrated.

It may be a good idea though, to check that the bed is level from time to time. You can easily do this by using the software and the knobs situated under the bed platform.

Extruder Cover For Safety.

The extruder is protected with a 3D printed cover plate. This makes it safe to use this printer around children or in classrooms as curious fingers are protected from being burned.

Compact Design And Stylish Look.

The printer itself measures only 11.8 inches x 12.6 inches x 15.35 inches so it’s compact enough for use at home, the office or the classroom.

The front acrylic cover also comes in 4 stylish colors – black, blue, green or yellow so it can even match your room décor.


What’s In The Box?

The Einstart-S comes fully assembled and only takes about 10 minutes to set up according to Shining 3D, the company who manufactures these printers.

  • The fully assembled Einstart-S 3D printer.
  • The acrylic print bed.
  • The power cord.
  • A roll of PLA filament.
  • Filament guide tube
  • A 4 Gb micro SD card plus USB adapter for use in your computer.
  • A USB cord to connect the 3D printer to your computer.
  • Some tools including a hex key wrench set, exacto knives, tweezers, needle nose pliers, diagonal cutting pliers and a flat scraper.
  • The Quick Start Guide.


How Easy Is This Printer To Set Up?

Because the Einstart-S comes fully assembled, it’s extremely quick and easy to set up. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to show you how easy it is:

  1. After removing the printer from the box, remove the foam inserts and the zip tie which is holding the print head in place.
  2. Insert the print bed into the printer. It’s held in place with magnets.
  3. Plug the printer into your power supply and turn it on.
  4. To turn on the OLED Display, just hold down the OK button for 5 seconds.
  5. Next place the roll of filament in the filament roll area at the back of the printer.
  6. Feed the filament through the filament tube into the print head.
  7. Using the OLED display, load the filament. The filament will be pulled into the extruder once it reaches the correct temperature. Once the filament starts oozing out of the nozzle you need to stop the loading process on the display screen.
  8. That’s all the set up that you need to do for this printer. You can now print your first object by choosing one of the test files on the micro SD card.


What Software Does This Printer Use?

The Einstart-S comes with its own slicing software called 3D Start. This looks extremely easy to use. Once you’ve loaded an STL file you can move it around in the print area and position it any way you want before you generate the G-code for the printer.

The software also allows you to pause the print and make filament changes mid print so that you can produce multi colored objects. The user manual has precise step-by-step instructions on how to set up the software and the print files.


Here Are Some Useful Tips

  • Here is a collection of useful tips we came across while researching the Einstart-S 3D printer.
  • To help larger models adhere to the build plate it’s a good idea to apply some basic painter’s tape and then some glue stick.
  • If you are having trouble with models not adhering or warping, you may need to adjust the Z axis height using the software.
  • Clean the extruder nozzle regularly to remove any filament residue. You can do this by pre-heating the nozzle to around 195 degrees Celsius and then cleaning the nozzle with a cotton cloth or a pair of tweezers if needed.
  • You may need a separate external filament spool holder if you plan to use rolls of filament larger than 500g.
  • If you find that the software doesn’t automatically connect to your printer you can do it manually by selecting the machine under the ‘Tools’ menu.
  • If you’ve removed the SD card from the slot, you may have to turn off the printer, insert the SD card and then turn the printer back on so that it recognises that the SD card is mounted.


Where Can You Go To Get Some More Help?

Shining 3D have their own YouTube channel with some very useful instructional videos. These include how to set up the printer and also how to use the software. There are also some videos showing the prints which the company has produced using this particular 3D printer.

3DPrintBoard is also a very useful website to get any assistance that you might need. This site has various forums and groups related to different 3D printers plus also a section for general questions about 3D printing. For print files you can’t go past Thingiverse which has literally hundreds of object files that you can download and print with your Einstart-S.

Another great place for 3D printing forums is Pinshape. Here you can ask questions and read many useful tips on 3D printing. Pinshape also has lots of cool design files of things that you can print on your 3D printer.


What Customers Are Saying

The Einstart-S 3D printer has received some excellent 5 star reviews from both 3D printing beginners and students. Most were impressed with the quality construction as well as the ease of set up. A lot of customers were very happy with the print quality that this printer produces with some comparing the output quality to much more expensive 3D printers.

One customer even commented that out of all the 3D printers that he owns, the Einstart-S was by far the best and most reliable. So much so that he now has 4 of them. The only issues that customers mentioned were with the included software but as with most software this could just be a case of figuring out how it all functions.

Overall, this printer has a lot of positive reviews and many happy customers who would recommend it, especially for 3D printing newbies.


Final Verdict

After all of our research, we would suggest that the Einstart-S 3D printer would make an excellent choice for 3D printing beginners. It is solidly constructed, very easy to set up and produces excellent quality prints.

Because of its solid construction, the printer does not vibrate so it is relatively quiet compared to a lot of other 3D printers. It’s also compact enough to have sitting on your desk at home or in the office.

Printing with PLA filament is ideal for beginners and this is what this 3D printer does best. And if you do run into any issues, the technical support team at Shining 3D are more than happy to help you out. They are all very passionate about 3D printing and use these printers every day.


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