Colido DIY 3D Printer Kit Review: Very Cheap, Beginner friendly

The Colido DIY 3D printer kit is an ideal kit for anyone who is just getting started with 3D printing and wants a printer that’s affordable, super easy to assemble and produces excellent quality prints.

This printer kit is so easy to assemble that you can do it in about 15 minutes and you’ll be ready to start your first test print. You can even put this together with your kids which makes it a great educational experience and a fantastic way to learn all the ins and outs of 3D printing without spending a fortune.


Print material
Auto CalibrationMaximum print size(inches)Heating bedlayer thickness Customer supportAssembly timeWarranty 
PLA OnlyNo7.9"x7.9"x6.7"No100 micronsExcellent15 Minutes6 MonthsBuy on Amazon



Key Features

Easy To Assemble

This printer kit is so easy to assemble that you can do it in about 15 minutes. The printer kit comes in six modules with easy printed instructions as well as an instructional video which can be accessed on the USB which is included.


Massive Print Bed Size

The maximum print size of the printer is 7.9 inches by 7.9 inches by 6.7 inches. This means you can make really large prints with this printer. The print bed is not heated so the printer only supports PLA filament but you can easily upgrade it down the track with a heated print bed if you want to venture into using other types of filament.


Quality Construction

The printer is made with quality materials such as molded plastic parts, steel rods and brass nuts. This makes it extremely durable and very steady and stable. On the other hand, it is fairly lightweight so that you can move it around easily if you need to.


Precise Printing Capability

This is a quad rail printer with dual stepper motors, lead screws and ball bearing supports on the Z axis which makes the performance of the printer very precise and steady. Both the X and Y axis are belt driven so they can tightened sufficiently to produce excellent quality prints.


Arduino Ramp Style Board

The motherboard on this printer is an Arduino ramp style board which is effective and reliable. In fact, you’ll be surprised by the reliability of this printer.


High Quality Extruder

The extruder on this printer is Print-Rite’s own design and it has a cooling fan and a standard 0.4mm nozzle. If you want to upgrade the printer down the track, it’s quite simple to replace the print head or extruder with readily available parts. The extruder also has a quick release lever for quick and easy filament changes.


USB And SD Card Slot

On the side of the motherboard housing there’s a USB slot for connecting to your computer and an SD card slot.


So What’s In The Box?

When you receive this printer you’ll find that it’s really well packaged and all the parts are protected by foam packing. The main printer parts come in 6 modules to make it really easy to assemble. Here’s what you get:

  • The XY axis which consists of 2 pillars with the rods already inserted.
  • Two cross rods to mount the print bed onto.
  • The Z gantry with the wiring and the extruder already attached. All the wires are clearly labeled so that you can easily attach them to the right connection parts.
  • Some spacers for attaching the print bed to the cross rods.
  • An alignment shim for aligning the XY axis and leveling the print bed.
  • The print bed assembly with the attached motherboard.
  • Some extra blue painters tape for the print bed.
  • A USB cable for attaching the printer to your computer.
  • The USB stick which contains the software (Repetier-Host), instruction videos, sample print files and a very in depth printer manual.
  • A spool of PLA filament and a spool holder.
  • All the tools needed for assembly.
  • The power supply and cord.
  • A quick and easy assembly instruction leaflet.


How Easy Is This Printer To Assemble?

This printer is so easy to assemble that you’ll be amazed at how little time it takes. In fact, you can have this up and running in around 15 minutes. Here’s a quick rundown on the necessary steps for assembly:

  1. Take all the parts out of the box and lay them out on your bench or table.
  2. Insert the cross rods into the print bed assembly using the spacers.
  3. Insert the 2 XY axis pillars onto either side of the cross rods and fasten with 4 screws.
  4. Slide the Z gantry onto the rods of the XY axis pillars and then lower it by rotating both the left and right screws at the same time.
  5. Slide the top holder onto the rods and fasten with the screws.
  6. Connect the wires for the stepper motors.
  7. Push the Z limit switch into the slot on the side pillar.
  8. Using the diagram on the USB, connect all the other wires onto the motherboard.
  9. Put the filament onto the spool holder which comes in two parts which just click together.
  10. Cut the end of the filament and insert it into the hole in the top holder and then into the extruder.
  11. Rotate the Z screw rods to lower the gantry and use the shim to make sure that both sides are perfectly aligned.
  12. Connect the power supply and turn on the printer.
  13. Connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable.
  14. Open the Repetier-Host software on the USB stick and continue to follow the instructions to calibrate your printer and to level the print bed.

Now you’re ready to try your first test print!


Are The Belts Easy To Tighten On This Printer?

The belts on the Colida 3D printer can easily be tightened by turning the nuts which are located under the print bed and under the extruder slide.


How Loud Is This Printer?

The Colido 3D printer actually runs fairly quietly. It makes about the same amount of noise as an ink jet printer. If you attach some foam pads under the feet of the printer, this can reduce the vibration that it makes while sitting on a hard table or desk top.


What Software Can You Use With This Printer?

The printer comes with Repetier-Host which you can install from the USB stick. As the printer uses a fairly standard Arduino motherboard, you should also be able to use any available proprietary software to slice your prints such as Cura which is quite popular for this type of printer.

Repetier-host works fine on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Can You Print In More Than One Color?

Because the Colido 3D printer only has one nozzle, you can only print with one color at a time. However, in saying that, you can pause the print and change filament to a different color and then resume the print again. You would just have to be fairly careful at which stage you decide to pause the print.


How Can You Unclog The Printer Nozzle?

At times you may find that a small amount of filament gets stuck in the nozzle and it gets clogged. To easily unclog the nozzle, heat the extruder to the correct temperature (205 degrees Celsius). Once it reaches the correct temperature use a small piece of extra filament to push the clog out of the nozzle while depressing the extruder lever. Then quickly pull out the extra filament.

If this doesn’t work you can disassemble the print head by unlocking the screws on the fan and then use one of the longer allen keys to clean out the nozzle.


Some Helpful Hints For Printing Success

  1. Change the tape on the print bed when it starts to get worn otherwise your prints will start to lift.
  2. Make sure your belts are always nice and tight to stop any unnecessary movement.
  3. You can also get a glass plate to put on the print bed, especially if you’re having trouble getting your prints to stick. Attach the glass with some large black bulldog clips to hold It in place and you could also try covering it in glue stick before each print job. This will help your prints to adhere perfectly.
  4. It does help to let the print cool a little before taking it off the print bed. You’ll find it much easier to remove.


Are You Able To Upgrade The Colido Diy Printer?

Because the Colido DIY printer is quite a simple printer and very similar to a Reprap 3D printer you’ll find that most generic 3D printer parts available from places like eBay can be used for this printer.

This means you can add upgrades like a heated print bed or a more advanced extruder quite easily. If you do upgrades like this though, you may also need to upgrade the motherboard to cope with the need for more power.


Is There Much Support Available Online For This Printer?

There is quite a lot of support available online for this 3D printer kit. There is a strong group on Thingiverse with around 390 members as well as many print files which can be used to make improvements to the printer itself.

Another great place to get advice is from the very popular 3D print forums. Here you can ask questions and also peruse the many forum topics which are discussed all in relation to 3D printing.

Repetier also has a forum which is great if you’re having any issues with the software and a great place to get handy hints and tips as well.


What Customers Are Saying

We found from all the reviews that we read, that many customers were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Colido DIY 3D printer kit and how well it actually works. Most said that the kit was extremely easy to assemble and that it was excellent value.

There were quite a large number of comments from customers who thought this printer was an excellent buy for the price and that it worked much better than they had expected it to. These comments came from both people new to 3D printing and others who owned other brands of 3D printers as well.


Final Verdict

The Colido DIY 3D printer kit is a great project for anyone who is interested in getting into 3D printing but who doesn’t want to spend too much money to get started.

The kit is super easy to assemble which means that you can be printing your first object very quickly. The printer does a great job of producing good quality prints and parts can be easily replaced when they wear out.

It’s also quite easy to upgrade the printer when you want to get into more advanced 3D printing projects.

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