Alunar 3d Printer Review : An Impressive Prusa I3 DIY Kit

If you’re just starting out in the world of 3D printing and don’t mind assembling your own printer, then the Alunar 3D Printer Assembly Kit may be a good option for you. It’s much cheaper than an assembled 3D printer and by putting it all together yourself you’ll understand exactly how everything works and will find it so much easier if you want to make modifications down the track.


Print material
Auto CalibrationMaximum print size(inches)Heating bedlayer thickness Customer supportAssembly timeWarranty 
PLA,ABS,WoodNo8.66"x8.66"x9.06"Yes100-400 micronsExcellent4-8 hours3 month warrantyBuy on Amazon



What Are The Advantages Of Buying A 3D Printer Kit Over A Pre-assembled 3D Printer?

A 3D printer kit will cost much less than an already assembled printer which means you can get into the world of 3D printing without having to mortgage your home.

By assembling it yourself, you’ll learn all about how the printer functions. You’ll be more aware of how the different parts function and exactly how the final print comes together.

It will be much easier to troubleshoot any problems that may occur during printing because you understand all the components of your printer and can quickly work out which parts need adjusting.

So if you’re slightly mechanically minded, can follow both printed and video instructions and have some patience, a 3D printer kit is well worth considering because you’ll receive high quality parts and components at a much lower cost than a pre-assembled 3D printer.


Key Features Of The Alunar 3D Printer:

1.High Quality Build

Made from quality materials which are designed for durability. The acrylic frame is durable and lightweight with a thickness of 8 mm (0.315 inches).

The aluminum alloy build plate is heated and can withstand temperatures of up to 110 degrees Celcius (230 degrees Farenheit). This allows you to use different types of filaments by adjusting the temperature of the plate.

The MK 8 extruder nozzle is made from high quality brass with a standard diameter of 0.4 mm (0.015 inches). You can also get replacement nozzles easily for this printer which means you can print far more advanced projects once you’re familiar with the printer’s functions.

2.Big Print Size

The Alunar offers a generous build volume of 8.5 x 8.5 x 9 inches so you can create some excellent models within these dimensions.

3.High Print Resolution

The layer resolution which this printer can produce ranges from 0.05 to 0.3 mm (0.002 to 0.011 inches). This means that you will get excellent prints with very good detail similar to a much more expensive pre-assembled 3D printer.

4.Big Range Of Printing Materials

This printer can handle quite a wide variety of filaments such as PLA, ABS, wood and even nylon filament which means you have endless opportunities to create prints using vastly different materials.

5.Easy To Use 

High quality LED screen which is easily navigated with the use of 5 buttons. You have the ability to pause the printer any time during the printing process which allows you to add more filament or even change colors.

6.Long Lasting Parts

High performance motor which is designed to work for 1000 hours without interruption so it will last for many print jobs now and into the future.

The power supply is both 110 volt and 220 volt – you just need to switch it to the correct voltage for your needs.

Can work with most operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux and connectivity is via a USB cable.

There is also an SD card included which contains the various driver software, installation guide and operating instructions. Some test print projects are also included on the SD card. Plus the SD card comes with a USB stick so you can plug it straight into your computer so that you can open the assembly guide.

The recommended slicer software is either Cura 15.04 or Repetier Host. You can use design files in either STL or Gcode.


What’s Included In The Box?

All the parts needed to assemble your printer including the frame, extruder, power supply, build plate, LCD screen, the X,Y,Z and extruder motors, turbo fan, cooling fan, the motherboard and all the cables as well as nuts, bolts and assembly tools. (NB. All the acrylic parts come covered in brown paper which needs to be peeled off first. This is to protect them during transportation.)

A spool holder which sits on the desk next to the printer with 1 roll of sample filament. Once your printer is set up you’ll easily be able to find print files to make a bracket which you can attach to the back of the printer.

USB cable for connecting to your computer.

SD card with drivers, instructions and test print files with its own USB stick.

Printed instructions showing all the parts you should have received and providing some links to online assembly videos.

Is the Alunar 3D Printer Easy To Assemble?

If you’re a little mechanically minded and have patience, then you should have no problem with assembling this printer.

There are PDF instructions included on the SD card and you’ll also receive some printed information with links to Youtube videos detailing the required assembly.

The PDF instructions are mostly pictures with some written instructions plus a listing of the parts needed for each assembly step.

The Youtube videos are silent but fairly detailed with printed captions which tell you which screws and parts you need to use for each section of assembly.

Before you start your assembly make sure that you have all the parts (as per the printed paperwork) and contact support if you are missing anything and they will send it out to you quite promptly.

The motherboard and the cables are all labelled so that you know exactly which cable connects to which point making it super easy to connect everything correctly.

Ensure that the belt is nice and tight before printing so that you get a really good quality detailed print.

On average, depending on your technical ability, this printer should take between 5 – 8 hours to assemble.


Can You Get Extra Accessories Or Upgrades For The Alunar 3D Printer?

Because the Alunar 3D printer is modelled on the Prusa I3 and is a relabelled version of the Anet A8 printer, there are a lot of upgrades you can make once you’ve assembled your printer and are familiar with how it works.

If you go to and type Alunar Prusa i3 into the search box, you’ll actually find a lot of accessories that you can print with your Alunar printer such as a fan accessory, a filament guide, a Y axis belt tightener and even a spool holder upgrade.


Can You Change The Filament During A Print Job?

It’s actually quite easy to change the filament during a print job with this printer. On the LCD Panel there’s an option for changing the filament. Select this option and the extruder will move to the left hand side.

Pull out the filament you want to change, insert the new one and restart your printer using the LCD panel again. This is great if you’re just about to run out of filament or you want to change colors.


What Kind Of Support Can You Get?

If you need some support with your printer you can certainly contact Alunar themselves especially if you are having problems or need some replacement parts as the printer kit comes with a 3 month replacement warranty.

But if you’re looking for hints or tips or just want to ask a question about a particular print job or issue you may be having, there’s a great Facebook group titled Official Anet 3D printer support group. This group has over 21,000 members sharing their experiences and helping other members with their questions.



3 month free replacement warranty


What Customers Are Saying:

After reading many reviews, the most common comment that we found was that this printer is an excellent buy for the price. Most customers were extremely happy with the print quality that this printer can produce. Quite a number of people said that it was a good project for hobbyists as the assembly was all part of the 3D printing process.

There were a lot of mixed reviews around the ease of assembly with some people finding the printer easy to assembly while others had problems following the instructions. The most prominent thing to note here is that it takes a bit of time and patience and it’s really important to follow the instructions exactly so that the printer is assembled correctly.

We also found some good suggestions for upgrades such as getting a glass cover for the build plate especially when using ABS to allow the print to adhere to the bed better. Alternatively reviewers suggested just buying some blue painters tape and covering the build plate with that which seems to work quite effectively.


Final Verdict:

For the first time 3D printing hobbyist who doesn’t mind a bit of tinkering but doesn’t want to invest a lot of money, the Alunar 3D Printer kit is an excellent choice. Assembly does take some time and patience but the end result is definitely worth it with the print output being extremely good with some amazing details.

There are a wealth of modifications and updates which can be printed to make the printer more user friendly and efficient. Plus being able to use a variety of different filaments including nylon makes this printer very good value. It even appears that you can print hollow objects without using support structures quite successfully.

There are also some really good support groups online and a multitude of Youtube videos to help with both assembly and operation of the printer.

We would certainly recommend this printer kit for anyone who is looking for a new hobby without having to spend a lot of money on a pre-assembled 3D printer.

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