11 Cool 3D Prints: Pokemon Edition


Now that 3D printing has become affordable anyone can get a 3D printer and start printing!

For you pokemon lovers this means that now you can print your favorite pokemons or print a collection of pokemons that you have caught on pokemon go. You could even create your own awesome pokemons and many other things.

All you need is a cheap 3D printer and the free pokemon design files. All you do is download the file, upload it to your printer and click print.

You don’t have a 3D printer? No worries, go check out our guide of best 3d printers under $500.

Here I will be showing you some of the pokemons and gadgets that you can print and their free download file.



You can’t have a pokemon collection without a pokeball. If someone says hey how did you catch all your pokemon? You can be like Bam and show them your fully operational pokeball.

This pokeball is printed in a couple pieces, and you can put it all together in about 5 minutes. This is a button release pokeball so it works just like the real thing! Thingiverse Download.



Interesting facts: Chikorita uses the leaf on the top of its head to determine the humidity and temperature of the surrounding area. It can also shoot leafs as one of its main attacks.

A sweet print which could be modified to make into a planter also by leaving the top open and putting a plant in. Thingiverse Download.

 3) Pokedex case


A very popular pokemon phone case for the galaxy s7, but you can adjust the print to fit any phone or find another file made specifically for your own phone. Thingiverse Download.

4)Oddish planter


Interesting facts: Oddish will bury itself during the day to avoid the heat of the sun and to hide from predators. At night will climb 300 feet to go find fresh soil to plant its seeds.

A really cool pokemon to print and it can also be used as a planter . Thingiverse Download.

5)Adjustable Pokemon Go Aim


This a cool feature you can add to your phone to help you easily catch pokemons by having 100% aim accuracy. This could really come in handy when you are competing to catch the same rare pokemons.

The adjustable aim you see in the photo has been made for the iphone 6, but if you have another phone there are many designs for free of the aim gadget for many different phones in thingiverse. Thingiverse Download.

6)Blastoise nesting pokedoll


Interesting facts: The water cannons from the blastoise can shoot water as far as 6 miles. This shots of water are so powerful that it can cut through steel and concrete.

This is an interesting print as it’s made up of squirtle, wartortle and blastoise one fitting inside the other showing the evolution of the same pokemon. This also has a philosophical meaning saying inside of each of us we still have our smaller younger self. Thingiverse Download.



Interesting facts: Fennekin being a fox like pokemon when threatened it blows air that is heated to 390 degrees from its ears. It likes to eat twigs which help it body stay more heated.

I love the color combination of bright yellow with a strong red that is shown for this print. Although you could print it in any colors you like best. Thingiverse Download.



Interesting facts: The yellow rings on the umbreon’s body glow in the dark before it strikes. It can also shoot poison if it feels threatened.

A very simple print and a cool looking pokemon to have sitting with your collection. Thingiverse Download.



Interesting facts:A rock snake pokemon, onix can tunnel underground at 50 km per hour. It is mostly found in mountains and caves but it likes to be underground will little light.

Very easily printed taking a couple of hours depending on your printer. This is one mean looking pokemon to have at your desk. Thingiverse Download.



Interesting facts: Being a fairy type pokemon it has the ability to release poison from it head. Although it is generally joyful and is able to transfer positive energy to others.

Being one of the smaller pokemons it has one the fastest printing times. Thingiverse Download.



Interesting facts: Geodude is mostly found in fields and its why is mistaken for a rock a lot of the time. When geodude is in deep sleep it will bury half of its body. After waking up it rolls downhill in search of food.

The original maker used ABS plastic as the printing material although you can use any type you want. Thingiverse Download.


This is just a few of the examples of the many designs that are available for free for you to print. There are also many useful and fun gadgets you can print or even create your own unique design to print. The possibilities are endless. If you want to see more designs go to Thingiverse.

Have fun printing!

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